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Each school day more than one-fifth of the US population is at a school. No other American Institution holds this type of captive population -- our schools should be the safest environment when a natural or man-made disaster occurs.


No emergency plan will help a school administrator unless faculty and staff understand the plan, practice the plan, and are
able to effectively and naturally process the plan in
an emergency situation.


Let's work together to ensure your schools, administrators, faculty and campuses are both compliant and thoroughly prepared for the inevitable.


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Save Lives

Standarize Your Plans

Avoid Lawsuits

Effective emergency management saves lives. We owe it to our students, staff members, and parents to utilize effective and realistic infrastructure target hardening coupled with proactive emergency management and training programs to ensure a safe school culture and climate.

School emergency plans must be standardized, address all man-made and natural hazards; plan for Continuity of Operations post-incident; and cover the five Mission Areas of emergency management outlined in our National Preparedness Goals, (Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery). Plans must also be based on an assessment of hazards and vulnerabilities a school district faces. Compliance with laws and recommended best practices in school safety are based on these principals.

Did you know that school employees are recognized as disaster service workers under certain circumstances?  Failure to properly train and prepare faculty and staff may result in civil litigation, including monetary judgments, against the school district and administrators personally.

About Us

School Safety Operations is a dedicated team of school safety and tactical law enforcement professionals with over 200 collective years experience.


We combine state-of-the-art intelligence, tactical knowledge and survival experience with proven school emergency management expertise to safeguard students and faculty on campuses across the country.


Is your school compliant with current federal and state school safety laws?  Have you made your campuses and staff as prepared as they can be?


Contact our experts today for a free consultation.  Let's work together to ensure your schools, administrators, faculty and campuses are both compliant and thoroughly prepared for the inevitable.

Meet Our Experts

We have put together a team of individuals that collectively have over 250 years of tactical, medical, and investigative experience in law enforcement or fire services. Our dedication to preparing schools to be safe during times of crisis brought us together to create the training and education we offer through School Safety Operations Inc.

Scope of Our Program

"Learning From The Past To Protect The Future."

"Bridging vulnerability gaps in school safety saves lives. The invaluable training from these safety professionals is the catalyst every school official needs to stay on the leading edge of school safety and risk/liability mitigation."



Prevention & Emergency Management

Violence Threat Risk Assessment & School-Based Trauma Response

State-of-the-Art Violence Prevention
& Digital Data Mining

Terrorism & Domestic Extremists

New threats to school safety and how to minimize risk

Bullying Behavioral Trends

How to leverage the value of a positive social emotional school climate for enhanced school safety and student well-being

Legal Liabilities

What do schools & administrators risk in civil liability when they are not-compliant with federal and state planning and emergency response requirements

Federal and State Requirements

What are the current requirements for planning and emergency response?






Annual International School Safety Institute Conference

October 10-11, 2018


Bonus Top Gun Training

October 9

Grand Pacific Palisades Resort
Carlsbad Beach, California

2 miles from the restaurants and shops in
Carlsbad Village and 1.5 miles to Lego-land

Our umbrella of safety includes three entities: School Safety Operations; D4 Training; and our International School Safety Institute which hosts a  globally recognized consortium including the industry's most credible trainers.

Counting down to the 2018 International School Safety Institute Conference

This symposium takes a realistic and results-driven approach to school emergency management, providing school safety officials the most current, compelling and results-driven resources.

Registration, Speakers and Exhibit Opportunities

  • 2. Mission

    To provide school officials with state-of-the-art analysis, training and guidance to maximize school safety and safe-school culture/climate, while ensuring compliance with Federal and State school safety laws.


  • 1. Our History

    Jeff Kaye opened School Safety Operations Inc. in 2011 in response to the identified need for school districts to become compliant with statutes, guidelines, and recommended best practices in school safety and emergency management in order to address todays threat levels from man-made and natural hazards. Jeff served twenty-five years in law enforcement and eight years in educational safety prior to opening the company, so he knew the only way to keep schools safe was through proper planning and training in emergency response procedures.


    The School Safety Operations Inc. consulting team has been providing emergency response planning, training, and facility Hazard and Vulnerability Assessments to school districts throughout the United States and Canada since beginning operation in 2011. The team has since branched out into the private and tourist industries for emergency management and safety training under their D4 Training Program to address Active Assailant response and immediate tactical first aid care. Each consultant used by School Safety Operations Inc. has a minimum of twenty years of experience in law enforcement or fire services, combined in addition to their experience in school emergency management. This unique blend of experience gives them an realistic understanding of how to practically approach emergency response and safety training in schools. This is especially important in training to address today’s threat of an Active Assailant incident at a school.


    Jeff Kaye is a founding member of the International School Safety Institute, which has been providing training to school administrators and law enforcement professionals in all areas related to safe school culture and climate since 2013. His reference book, “SCHOOL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT, A Practical Approach To Implementation” is considered a must read for anyone involved in school safety or emergency response.

  • 3. Vision

    Merging the skill sets of tactically experienced emergency response professionals with a background in school safety to provide school districts elevated awareness of positive school culture and climate, effective school safety training, and school emergency management programs that will make schools safe while protecting districts from liability issues related to non-compliance.


    Training curriculum is tailored to address the needs of individual school districts to include upper level administration, emergency responders, and parents who might be effected by a school emergency incident.

  • JEFF KAYE: President, Project Manager
    and Lead Trainer/Consultant

    Jeff retired at the rank of sergeant from the Reno, NV. Police Department in September of 2006 after 24 years of service. He was a street supervisor during the Pine Middle School shootings in Reno on March 14, 2006 and has debriefed with law enforcement and school safety professionals on multiple incidents of school violence in the United States and Canada. Jeff’s law enforcement career includes fourteen years in undercover and tactical operations.


    Jeff served as the Director of Security and Safety for the Desert Sands Unified School District in La Quinta, California from May of 2008 until retiring from that position in October of 2016. He continues to provide emergency management planning and training services to school districts internationally in his role with School Safety Operations Inc. and his training institute the International School Safety Institute.


  • BRUCE KIRBY: Consultant and Trainer

    Bruce served as a supervisor for the US State Department, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement since 2011.  He served as a liaison with domestic and foreign governments, consulting for law enforcement and community development programs at the Kurdistan Ministry of Interior in Iraq and the Beirut Police Services Division in Beirut, Lebanon.  Bruce has authored numerous training protocols for law enforcement development as well as critical incident management both in the United States and on foreign soil.


    Bruce retired from the Reno, NV Police Department as a Lieutenant in 2011 after 21 years of service.  He has participated in and managed multi-jurisdictional federal, state and local law enforcement units and completed both the Senior Management Institute curriculum for police and training with the Department of Homeland Security.


    In addition to his invaluable participation with School Safety Ops, Inc., Bruce is also the owner and President of Kirby Consulting International, LLC.


  • CURTISS C. KULL: Consultant and Trainer

  • ANGELA JORDAN: Project Analyst

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D4 Tactical Response Training

D4 Training

Tactical Response Training for schools, hospitals, businesses, and places of worship



Detect: Hazard and Vulnerability Assessment

Identifying your vulnerabilities - early threat identification programs - interpretation of violent body language
Deter: Infrastructure Target Hardening

Proactive training programs & emergency operation plans
Delay: Maximizing Survival

Practical application of training, use of door and window security enhancements, locking down into safe rooms, moving away from the threat, and biding time while police are responding
Defeat: Protecting the Vulnerable

Running to safety if possible, fighting back and overcoming the threat as a last resort, survival mindset

Our Services

We have put together a group of services that cover the range of

possible risk when managing the safety of your students, faculty and infrastructure.

Presentations are available on any area of school emergency response and preparedness.

Building and Infrastructure


Compliance - Federal and State

Post 9/11 Preparedness

Hazard and vulnerability assessments for infrastructure target hardening of facilities.
Now using drone photography by FAA licensed pilots.

Review of existing emergency plans for compliance to federal and state guidelines.

Violent threat risk assessment


Individual Staff Training

Planning = Survival

Identifying and supporting

teens at risk

Training in all areas of school emergency management and response, including Incident Command System for Schools and School Active Assailant Response

Creation of standardized all-hazards emergency operations plans with annexes to address high threats

Teen drug and alcohol addiction training

" Effective school emergency management will save lives in emergencies and incidents of violence in schools. This book tells how to get it done, practically and effectively. "

John Callery, U.S. Federal Agent and Counter Terrorism Expert

"You hold in your hands the finest available guideline, written by the most eminently qualified individuals, uniquely designed to help schools keep our precious children safe. "

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman (Ret.), Author and International Expert on School Violence

" Bridging vulnerability gaps in school safety saves lives. The invaluable training from these safety professionals is the catalyst every school official needs to stay on the leading edge of school safety and risk/liability mitigation."

Dr. Newton Howard, Professor MIT, Sr. Research Professor, Cyber Security Policy Research Institute

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School Safety Operations

School Safety Operations is a dedicated team of school safety and tactical law enforcement professionals with over 100 collective years experience. Let's work together to ensure your schools, administrators, faculty and campuses are both compliant and thoroughly prepared for the inevitable.

775-233-8317 phone

October 10-11, 2018

Top Gun Training and Workshops on October 9th

Grand Pacific Palisades Resort | Carlsbad Beach, CA USA


School Safety Operations

D4 Tactical Response Training

D4 Tactical Response Training

D4 Tactical Response Training

D4 Tactical Response Training