International School Safety Institute


We established the International School Safety Institute in 2013 as a knowledge and resource incubator designed to fill an identified void in school safety, school emergency management, and safe school culture and climate programs.

The Institute is our commitment to sharing new thoughts and ideas with our clients, partners and broader community of advocates. Our belief is Proactive planning and training impacts the need for Reactive response to school emergencies, but both ends of this spectrum must be addressed in order to enhance safety.

After successfully growing our annual conference for a number of years, we expanded the Institute to serve regional markets and provide more timely access to guidance, advice and training resources. Although we do accept sponsors to help defray the costs, our partners are vetted for product quality and integrity. They all share in our philosophy of making education-first a top priority.



International School Safety Institute™

Conference 2019

The International School Safety Institute convenes to provide state-of-the-art analysis, training and guidance to maximize school safety and safe-school culture/climate, while ensuring compliance with Federal and State school safety laws and to mitigate liability issues.

Access to this presentation requires your completing this short form using the password given out at the NASRO 2019 Conference.