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We have put together a group of services that cover the range of possible risk when managing the safety of your students, faculty and infrastructure. Presentations are available on any area of school emergency response and preparedness.


Save Lives

Proactive planning, training and perimeter security through target hardening


Standardize Your Emergency Operation Plans

Ensure compliance to laws, codes, and recommended best practices


Avoid Civil Liability and Lawsuits

Protect yourself and organization from complaints and charges

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    Emergency management planning

    • Review of existing plans and programs to establish a current baseline of compliance
    • Recommendations on goals, objectives, and timelines to achieve compliance
    • Writing of Standardized “All-Hazards” Emergency Operations Plans compliant with all State and Federal laws and codes
    • Internal and external emergency communications planning
    • Continuity of Operations Planning, to include Student/FamilyReunification, in order to address the essential Recovery Phase and Return To Normalcy
    • Yearly review and updates of Emergency Operations Plans
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    Hazard and vulnerability assessments

    • Assessment of all area specific manmade and natural hazards affecting the school
    • Facility assessments for infrastructure target hardening for compliance with the National Preparedness Goals per Presidential Policy Directive 8 (PPD8)
    • HVA reports containing realistic recommendations for infrastructure target hardening and secure single point of entry for schools.
    • These reports can be used as justification for grant, bond, or existing funding for recommended projects

    • Aerial drone photography establishes photographic evidence of any post-disaster incident
    • Assist in establishing goals, benchmarks, and timelines for projects
    • Consultat on new project construction to address security needs during the construction phase
    • Establish networks between schools, law enforcement, and other community partners
    • Safe school culture and climate assessment, to include proactive programs geared toward early identification of at-risk student behavior
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    Global information system (GIS) mapping services

    Unique capability that enables analysis of perimeters and facilities

    Organize information into visuals and interactive Apps for information retrieval and use during a school emergency response. This information can be incorporated as a component of your Emergency Operations Plan, and the data can also be shared with emergency responders for inclusion in their response plans to a school.

    Many states mandate this information is supplied to emergency response agencies as GIS is now a recommended best practice.

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    Training programs and facilitation

    Development and implementation of training programs that are tailored to the specific needs of each client.

    Trainings are designed to address the level of responsibility staff members have during an emergency response in order to optimize available time and funding. All of our training programs rely heavily on the concept of participant involvement in tabletop exercise and hands-on drills. This experiential learning helps attendees understand the anchor points presented in the lecture and develop the “muscle memory” that allows emergency response to become second nature during a stressful critical incident. SSO is aware of time and budgetary restrictions faced by schools and school districts, so training blocks are designed around availability of both.

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    Emergency response

    Adhering to the National Incident Management System and School Incident Command System requirements

    • Lockdown, Lock Out, Evacuation, Shelter-In-Place, and Drop-Cover-Hold
    • Multi-phased training programs
    • School Active Assailant Response training - geared specifically for staff while waiting for law enforcement response

    These training blocks are designed specifically for schools, and is required for compliance with Homeland Presidential Security Directive 5 (HSPD5), which went into effect July 1, 2005.

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    Motivational public speaking

    The team at SSO avail themselves to schools, hospitals, churches, parent groups, and other organizations interested in learning more about trends and external factors affecting school safety.

    To request a team member for your next meeting or event, please send a request with as much detail as possible to: info@schoolsafety.com. We will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours. By chance, if you need a more immediate response, please contact us at the phone number above.

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D4 Training

Given the increasing number of workplace violence incidents and tragedies taking place during religious services, School Safety Operations established D4 Training to provide specialized readiness training programs to help leaders in places of worship and private businesses prepare for threats and emergencies beyond fire drills. We draw from the Detect-Deter-Delay-Defeat concept to help leaders identify weak points within their establishment and preparedness exercises supported by research statistics that provide context for trends to watch.

International School Safety Institute

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We established the International School Safety Institute in 2013 as a knowledge and resource incubator designed to fill an identified void in school safety, school emergency management, and safe school culture and climate programs.

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