Proactive Measures and Upper Level Support of School Safety

Join School Safety Operations, Safer Schools Together, and guest presenters for a full-day workshop to help school districts and private schools enhance safe school culture and climate, while learning about issues related to compliance and ideas about funding school safety target hardening and training programs.

Workshop presenters are Subject Matter Experts in their fields as they relate to education safety, and will share information that will assist school staff and law enforcement fill voids in school emergency management programs with proactive programs and upper level support of school safety.

Workshop Schedule

  • Presentation

    Proactive Measures and Upper Level Support Of School Safety

  • Location


  • Date

    February 21, 2020

  • Time

    Registration is 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM. Presentations will go 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

  • Synopsis

    The morning session will cover the importance of compliance to school safety and emergency management planning and training in order to be prepared for manmade or natural threats to school safety. Infrastructure Target Hardening of schools and funding projects through grants or bonds will be topics discussed. Civil liability based on the newest standards of “Foreseeability” of school threats, and upper level administrative support of school safety programs will be topics of discussion.

    A working lunch sponsored by Crisis Go will be provided. A short presentation and demonstration of how Crisis Go can assist with communications and accountability during school emergency planning and response will provided during this working lunch.

    The afternoon session will cover Behavioral and Digital Threat Assessment programs in schools as a proactive means of identifying at-risk or violent behavior in schools for pre- incident intervention. These types of programs are recommended in the most recently released Secret Service Report on incidents of school violence. Case studies of recent events of school violence will be referenced in this section.

  • Presenters
    Jeff Kaye

    Retired Sergeant Reno, NV Police Department and President of School Safety Operations

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    Theresa Campbell

    President of Safer Schools Together, Vancouver, B.C

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    Dan Wold

    Superintendent (Retired) of the Eureka, NV School District

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    Los Angeles Sheriff's Department SWAT, Special Enforcement Bureau (Retired)

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  • Who Should Attend

    School Administrators, School Board Members, School Staff Members involved in School Safety, Risk Managers, Law Enforcement Involved in School Safety, Community Partners in Mental Health, Parents, and anyone who works in the areas related to school safety or funding of school safety projects.

  • Why You Should Attend

    Proactive measures in school safety planning, training, and response are the most effective method to address today’s level of threat to safe school culture and climate. Formation of a collaborative team in schools is the recommended best practice from the U.S. Department of Education as a means to ensure compliance with school emergency management planning and training programs. In order for a team to be effective, they must receive training. Attendees to this workshop will leave with valuable take-ways they can use to shape and move forwards with safety and emergency management programs in their schools.

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